February 2, 2006

Photo Update

I have finally managed to upload a few photos out of the hundreds I now have. They are mainly of the Inka Trail, but I just thought you´d like to see some of what Ive been up to.
For the technophobes, go to the photos section to the right of the screen. Click on slideshow and away you go! There´s only a few there. It takes FOREVER to upload them so I probably wont add any again for ages.
Update: Back in Cuzco and I have a temperature of 103! Weyhey! Thought I was dying last night. My whole body was freezing and my head was on fire. That´s what I get now for my pilgrimage up the mountains! Planning on leaving Cuzco tomorrow if I´m up to it. Really need to get my ass in gear - i dont even have TWO WEEKS to get to Santiago for the 15th! I´ll be hard pushed to fit in all the Bolivian stuff....
The train journey down from Aguas Calientes yesterday was AWFUL! What was supposed to be a one and a half hour jounrey ended up taking 5 hours because of a landslide on the tracks. Lovely! Everyone emerged from the train in a stupor, and then one poor man slipped as he was getting down the steps, fell right down between the platform and the train, but smashed the front of his face really hard on the platform. BLOOD EVERYWHERE! My solution was to shove my precious roll of loo-paper at him. I reckon the poor man has lost some front teeth.
I hobbled the three blocks from the train station back to my hostal and I really had to psyche myself up to have a shower and get ready to head out. In the end, I only lasted one hour in the pub and had to go back to bed. Really hope I dont have a flu coming on...last thing I need. Even chronic diarrhoea is preferable....
well, maybe not....

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