February 21, 2006

The "All Clear"

Hurray! Rejoicing. Today, I got the all-clear to get back on my feet permamently again! Doctor #1, the slightly goofy one that I had the first day ever, came back this morning to have a look at me. I was expecting more of a physical inspection though or repeat bloods, but he just asked me a few questions and seemed satisfied that I was back to normal working order.
I have to hang around for a day while I wait for a letter for my insurance company and organise a bus ticket out of here and a few other bits and pieces, but all going to plan I should be on the road to Bolivia on Wednesday! Happy Days! Hopefully, this means that I now have the immune system of a superhero and will have no further mishaps.
Oh, the thoughts of moving on to somewhere new!! I cant wait!
Next stop: Copacobana, Bolivia!

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