February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

No-one has to read this. It´s not going to be interesting, as I have no news other than sickness-related stuff. Yet again, I have been forced to flee my cell for a few hours in search of sanity and something remotely edible that I wont throw up.
Firstly, Happy Valentine´s Day to all!
Secondly, some more photos added to Peru album, and Ive created a New York one too.
Have just been reading about what the Chinese are planning to do with "The Playboy" - it´s going to be set in a Beijing hairdressers. I´m very upset. I might have to kill, or at least torture, some Chinese people. There´s a Chinese restaurant beside the hostal, maybe I´ll start there.....
Cuzco is rapidly losing its lustre. Once I leave, i´m sure I´ll remember all the best bits, but God! I just want to get out of here. NOW!! For one thing, I have little or no privacy now. The girls in the hostal have gone into Florence Nightingale Overdrive or something, one in particular. She means well, but I'm just to ill to deal with it. She´s 18, has just gotten this job and is taking her duties very seriously, so I think she has made me a project of sorts. She is telling absolutely EVERYONE who checks in about me, brings random strangers up to the door to see me (like I´m an exhibit or something! although I suppose I sort of am with my crop of wild hair and smelly pajamas...), :D even made me go to an internet cafe yesterday and wave at her mother over a webcam. As I say, she does mean well. She is constantly buzzing the room and asking me about what Im eating, she examined all the plates to see what I havent eaten. Help!! She´s wrecking my head!!!!!! She´s so nice and genuine that I cant take say Id just like to be left alone to wallow in my misery.
This morning sort of took the biscuit as I began to feel violated. She rang very early, asked if I wouldnt mind getting dressed and coming downstairs, as she had something very important to talk to me about. Grudgingly, I hauled ass downstairs scaring a few passing tourists on the stairs. One of the cleaners, whom I know by name but thats about it (she has no English), was with her looking embarrassed and sheepish. It took about 10 minutes of them giggling hysterically before I could get any sense out of them. Basically, Lourdes (the cleaner) has spied my €300 Gortex jacket in my room and liked the colour. She wanted me to trade for this absolute CAR ACCIDENT of a painting that she had done herself. She still seemed to think her painting was worth the cost of the jacket and pushed. I said that my parents had given me the jacket as a present before I left home (a lie) and that seemed to work. Were I in the whole of my health, I wouldn't feel so bothered maybe.I feel like my things are being rifled through when Im not there, and that I now have to go back to padlocking everything everytime I go out.
So, I was feeling a little wrankled as I left the hostal today for lunch. I had to wait a few hours before I could leave for my hair to dry. I was two minutes down the street and I got water bombed twice from a balcony above! I got soaked!!!!! Hair, clothes, everything! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
You´re allowed to laugh. I might see the funny side next year sometime!Okay, it is kind funny. :-)

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