September 2, 2005

Time to Get Fit

Last weekend I went on a pretty easy trek - nothing too strenuous - and was shocked to discover how unfit I've become in the last few months. I found that the first section of the trek (a 10minute steep ascent) completely winded me, when a few short months ago I was able to race up it.
It's time to get my ass back to the gym. Yes, it's looking like we've seen the last of the Irish summer, the evenings are getting shorter, and with nothing but a promise of more episodes of Fair City and Nationwide hitting the TV screens for the autumn, it seems that the only option is to put my leisure hours to good use by burning off some stubborn excess and building up those muscles for the trip ahead. I can't believe how lazy I've gotten over the summer!!
The thought of digging out the unflattering gym-gear and actually physically entering the doors of Aura Fitness is not even slightly appealing. It's been months since I last huffed and puffed on a treadmill surrounded by hoards of sweaty, heaving middle-aged men, anorexic, wasted looking girls, and sculpted, bulging beefcakes. Ugh! Like I said, not appealing.
But, it's all for a good cause. One of the first things I will be doing when I land in Peru is the famous Inka Trail. Although, it's described by many a tour group as a moderately difficult trek, they do recommend that people undertaking it be in reasonably good physical condition. If a small hill in Co. Tipperary is taking it out of me at the moment, what will I be like clambering up the Inka Trail post-Christmas.
Not a person known for my iron will-power, Christmas is always a time of the year when I'm likely to double in size! This year, I'm going to have to be steadfast in my refusal of all things fatty and sugar-laden. It's bad enough that I'll have to hire a porter in Cuzco just to lug my backpack. What's he going to think, if I can't even lug myelf up there! Lol!!
With all this in mind, I resolve to return to the gym this weekend. It's going to be painful, but the first day going back after a prolonged absence is really the worst........

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