August 19, 2005

Getting the Ball Rolling

Well, the dye has been cast. After a year of restless plotting and researching, I finally got my act together and booked my flights.
It was a strange feeling to finally do it. My hands were almost shaking, and the minute I clicked the Purchase button on the Lan website, momentary fear gripped my heart. No turning back!
Since then, I've been on a roll. Things just seem to be falling into place! I'm flying out of Shannon (quite near my home which is really convenient!) on 03 Jan off to The Big Apple! I really cant wait to see New York! I only have 3 days there, so I'm going to try and squeeze in as much as possible while I'm there.
3 short days later, I'm getting on a plane to cross the equator for the first time! to Lima. I'd be lying if I said I'm not nervous about South America, but this is what it's all about! Having abandoned the idea of joining up with Kumuka TOurs (I really want a challenge and to travel alone), the tentative plan is to spend a couple of days in Lima in the Miraflores district and see what it has to offer. My plan for Peru is to follow a similar path to the tour groups, so I think from Lima I'll head out to the coast initially, then down to Arequipa and from there back to Cuzco and the Inka Trail.
I'm going to give myself 2-3 months in South America. While I'm there I'm going to see Peru, Bolivia, as much of Chile as I can, including Patagonia, and then Argentina. From Buenos Aires, I hope to fly on to Auckland.
Visa is almost sorted for NZ!It only cost me €160 as well, which I was pleasantly surprised at. I thought it would be more somehow. And then its NEW ZEALAND for a year!!! I have been looking fwd to see this country for a lllloonnggg time. It's so exciting!!!!!!!!!
The itinerary after this is a loose one. No point planning to far in advance. Who knows where I'll end up. The itinerary is listed here on the homepage if anyone is interested.
Savings are starting to accumulate slowly, although I've a long way to go yet! I've booked an appointment for my jabs (ugh!) and all I have really left to pay for after that is my flight from SA to NZ. Good stuff outta me! Lol!
Anyway, that's all for now. Stay tuned....

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