August 23, 2005

Counting Down the Days

Groan...only another 4 months and a bit to go. The thing is it will fly past but it feels like aeons away at the moment.
Today was just one of those days at work. My boss just went into Uber-Assh*le mode and started tearing strips out of everyone. I could see Angela the cleaning lady wasnt even safe, but she managed to skulk into the kitchen and close the door before he bore down on her! What a spanner! I'm really not going to miss him, faffing about with his palm-pilot glued to his hand all day! saying "Come on now guys, not enough WOW factor there. We can do better than that, hmmm?"
I'm DYING to just say, "Guess what, I'm going south for the winter!" and storm out of the office with enough WOW factor to blow his pea-sized mind entirely. Well, a girl can dream.....
Work is becoming a nightmare though. My mind feels like its turned into vegetable soup from lack of use. Thank God for the internet. Without that, I would have left here long ago, or maybe died slumped over my keyboard and no-one would have noticed. Yes, it is that bad.
Anyway! on a lighter note, yesterday I invested in a Gortex XCR jacket. I say invested because I have to convince myself that I was Me, I, Mise who decided to buy the jacket, not the sales assistant I met. I wandered into River Deep Mountain High on my lunchbreak for a browse (that's all I swear!) I emerged from the store 15 minutes later €300 poorer......I think....
I was lured in my the massive red and white SALE signs on the front window. "Oh!", I thought, "I'll have a quick look at the jackets and see if there's anything good on offer". I wasnt in the door 5 seconds and the devil's advocate slash snowboarder (or whatever he was) got his claws into me and started giving me the hard sell. I was trapped. I could see the door merely feet away, and when I heard the words "Only two hundred and ninety nine euro" floating over the air, I wanted to run screaming from the shop, clutching my credit card to my chest, shouting "Back fiend! back!"

Instead, what did I do?
I said like a witless eejit, "Oh, is that all. Well, I do need one, I suppose...." and let him prise the card from my fist. In a matter of nano-seconds, he'd swiped the card, bagged the jacket,and moved onto the next witless eejit without so much as a goodbye!
I should never be allowed to go shopping alone!
Anyway, on further inspection last night it seems my jacket isnt a paclite, as I originally thought, but XCR. I dont know much about these things, but it seems to be pretty suitable to the kind of trip I'll be doing, so Im going to keep it. Theres no way Im going back into the DANGER ZONE to exchange it. I'd end up coming back out with the same jacket, various travel gadgets and gizmos, and probably a surfboard or something.
I'm going to be staying away from the shop for a while I think. Lol!!
I do like my jacket though....

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