August 15, 2006

An Average Day in Auckland

Today I met a guy who is allergic to pineapples. I have quite the soft spot for the odd chunk myself. Not a match made in heaven really.
That's about the most interesting thing that's happened in the last few days! I wasnt joking when I said life was quieter these days. It's not a bad thing, however. I'm welcoming the time to wind down and catch up on sleep. After Andy left on Sunday morning, I decided to abandon HI's and all affiliated hostels for the foreseeable future. IM SICK OF EM!
Okay, well maybe I'm coming down a bit hard of Hostelling International there. Anyway, I felt like a change so Ive parked myself elsewhere at a pretty excellent place here in Auckland called ACB Backpackers. Beds are comfy..too comfy actually and they have AN IRON! Yes, an iron!! I was excited as well!! FOr the first time since I left home I have folded, pressed items to wear!! (I did, however, manage to lose one of my favourite socks and shrink a shirt during this particular laundry session, but never mind.) All evening, I have been gazingly lovingly at my neatily stacked pile of laundered clothes bursting with pride! WHO KNEW A SIMPLE ELECTRIAL DEVICE SUCH AS AN IRON COULD BRING A BACKPACKER SUCH JOY!
Today was a beautiful day in Auckland - the sun was shining and the sky was blue, and after breakfast I wandered down to the docklands and the harbour singing away to myself. I spent the day catching up on practical stuff - post office, organising insurance claims for my South American mishaps, grocery shopping, laundry, and APPLYING FOR JOBS! Got my CV out in the field today...(which field I'm not really sure) but it's out there. So, all I have to do now is sit here in my perfect hostel ironing my clothes and wait for my dream employers to ring.......
Actually, something else semi-interesting happened to me today. I was standing outside the hostel gawking up at one of Auckland's skyscrapers, when this local guy sidled up to me and said:
"Smoke weed, do ya, eh?" (Quick digression: The Kiwis put the word 'eh' at the end of every sentence. It works in every imaginable context. I suppose it's akin to "ha' in Ireland. Par exemple, "Do you have the time, HA?" or "Are you startin with me, HA?" You get the idea anyway).

Larry proferred....wait for it......his business card. The title reads "University of Larry - Larry High" along with his phone number and the promise of a smile on your face by the end of the day. He sloped away with a conspiratorial wink. Future lights are big and bright for Larry I think! (I wonder if Larry likes pineapples...)
Lan Chile are trying to get me to come back to South America. They keep sending me emails telling me how many air miles Ive earned with them..and offering me hot deals back to Buenos Aires. Why do they torment me thus??!! I just want to live in New Zealand for a while and try and rid my senses of South America. Tis not possible, I fear!
I miss everything about the last 7 months. But one must not waste today on yesterday......a Mormon from Utah told me that.

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