September 12, 2006

Working Nine to Five

So, Im now in charge of critical patients going for heart surgery. Feel free to give a loud snort! Started new job last week, thinking I was taking on "a bit of typing" (to use the doctor's words at the interview). It turns out Im now the Suite Manager.
It's not as fancy as it sounds. Its lots and lots of responsibility, a 6am start in the morning (bit of a jolt after my average 3pm rising in BA!), not to mention coordinating a busy practice with 6 doctors, two nurses and three secretaries.
Im only pretend moaning really though. I'm actually thrilled and it feels really good to be doing something relatively challenging again. The day flies because it's so incredibly busy and that's always a good thing! It beats the pants off working in the Council. Im working in a private hospital in a lovely quiet suburb of Auckland. It's actually a really peaceful place to work (so far! ) and I never mind getting up for work in the morning. Hopefully, it will stay that way!
I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS HOSTEL THOUGH!!! God, I'm turning into part of the furniture here, and I dont even like the place. Its just total laziness that I havent found somewhere to live yet. The problem is I now value my weekends too much to spend them flat-hunting. This last wknd I really enjoyed. The Auckland Documentary Film Festival is running for the next 2 weeks, and I literally hopped from one screen into another this weekend. Saw some pretty interesting flicks, and there are more to be seen. I'm turning into a serial cinema goer here. This week there's a Harold Pinter double bill on in the theatre so Im looking forward to that too.
Got my first wages this week since last Decemeber! so of course I went straight out and blew the lot! lol. I had a pruning and chucked out some of my old rags that Ive been lugging around in my backpack since January.
The weekend after next, Im flying down to Wellington to meet up with Steff (of Madrid fame!) I cant afford it, but as I said to her, this is why I got out from behind my computer screen and hit the road, right! Really looking forward to going back to Welly! and hopefully this time around the weather will be better. When myself and Andy visited it was CCCCOLLLDDD!
What nothing else to report really, apart from the fact that Im excessively happy and loving every minute of my life right now. Things are really falling into place in my head about the future and what I might eventuallly do when I think about going home again. My head feels clear for the first time..ever...

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