September 12, 2008

A Message from the Universe

At the start of May this year, I moved into my own apartment here in midtown New York. I'm a bit of a slow mover at the best of times and during the first week I took my time moving in my belongings and arranging them into something that felt like my own personal space. Even though it's a shoebox there's something about the apartment that I really like - an air, a feeling - one of those things you can't exactly pinpoint.

One morning not long after I moved in I was brushing my teeth in front of the bathroom mirror. As I opened the cabinet door to replace my tube of toothpaste, my eyes were drawn to a message scrawled on its inside.

"It's all about effort and reward"

Nothing more, just that. A pretty powerful sentiment even for someone in a groggy state at that hour of the morning. Who had left this message - the previous tenant, the workman who installed the bathroom cabinet, or someone else? It struck me as poignant somehow in this spotlessly clean, otherwise ungraffitied apartment.

This sentiment lives in my bathroom, there for consideration whenever I choose to look at it. I like the fact that it is there somehow, this random untraceable pearl of wisdom, something to take with you as you head out to embrace each new day.

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