July 15, 2007

The Art of Juggling

I'm home a month today. The weeks have flown by but I've had a nice long rest and taken some time to get used to being back. Tomorrow, I start a new job - a six month contract which will take me up to the end of the year, which works out perfectly for what I have planned next. And what's that, you might ask?
Well, I was never going to be happy to come back home and settle down straight away without having seen a bit more of the world, and while it has been nice to be back, I have the travel bug bad, and nothing will do me now but to get back travelling again as soon as possible. This time around, I'm thinking of about a year travelling, the only challenge being getting the cash together to do that in six short months! That's going to be a feat.
If anyone has any get rich quick schemes they'd like to share, I'm ALL EARS!
Thursday saw me in Cork hashing out some new travel plans with the nice people at Trailfinders. I was hoping for some good news re a cheap ticket, but because I want to take in a few out of the way spots, they are quoting an approximate figure of €3000. OUCH! Ugh. Not sure how I'm going to work it all out.

Now, of course, I've got the niggling at the back of my head. Am I just being nutty? Shouldn't I just get a good job now, buy a house and start making some money for real. I mean, I AM NEARLY THIRTY!! Being at home again, it's so easy to get THE FEAR. Most of my contemporaries from school and university are set up and firmly focused on their careers. It's difficult not to feel uneasy about my choices at this time in my life. But then, I just stop and think about last year, being away, the freedom, the lack of pressure, the realization that what you are doing is fantastic and right and just where you want to be, and that there's still oodles of time to invest in your future. The way i feel about it now is that I'd rather be living my life now while I have my youth rather than investing lots of money in my retirement. That's important too, but I'm trying to get some balance in it all.

That's achieveable I think. You've just got to get really good at juggling.

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