July 7, 2006

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Buenos Aires is my new favourite city - it´s depressing to think that I have only a week left here. Since I arrived here last MOnday week it´s been a rollercoaster of partying, dancing, drinking, eating and meeting new people. My body clock is COMPLETELY out of whack! I am now a creature of the night, catching only a few hours sleep during the afternoon. The people of this city party hard! I dont know how they hold down normal jobs.
Nightlife in BA is pretty different to at home. You dont darken the door of a club before 2! and things stay going until 7 in the morning. The city is literally pumping at all hours of the day and night. ç
Im staying in a really hip old part of the city called Palermo. Up to a couple of years ago, this is where the bohemian population of the city hung out, but recently there has been an influx of rich wealthy families and most of the artists and musicians have moved to the San Telmo area instead. Palermo is a great place to base yourself i you are staying in BA for a while - the bars and restaurants are AMAZING and there are quirky little shops and boutiques dotted all over the place. BA has an exceedingly European flavour to it, and really stands out from other South American cities in this regard.
The porteños (people from BA) are so friendly that it´s difficult to leave. They make you feel at home straight away, introducing you to their friends and dragging you out to their favourite watering holes. There´s no such thing as sitting in a corner nursing your drink for the night - whether you want to or not, you are on your feet dancing constantly. For me, its great! I LOVE dancing and theres so much music here in BA that I actually have sore feet. One of my favourite places tht Ive been here is a tiny little drum´n´bass club called Bahrain. Myself and few people Ive gotten to know here have gone there for the last 2 Tuesdays and, if I was staying here, it would become a weekly ritual.
I have managed to fit in some culturual stuff while Ive been here. Last week I took a trip to Recoleta Cemetary to see where Evita is buried. The richest and most important families of Buenos Aires are buried in this place, and it makes for a very interesting few hours wandering around the ornate graves and headstones. Lots of feral cats live in this graveyard and they are like souls of the dead wandering around the place.
Myself and my Welsh roommate Kieran took a notion of going to the Zoo one day last week, which I really enjoyed. its been years since I was in a zoo and I felt like a big kid again. Also, visited the Evita museum here which was really interesting as I didnt know very much about here beforehand. Going to try and take in some tango lessons before I leave and also see the Teatro Colon, which apparently is one of the most impressive opera houses in the world. The problem with BA is that you dont where to start! ITS HUGE! and its very easy to stay within the confines of whatever barrio you happen to be staying in.
One thing I do know is that I will definitely try to get back to BA in the near future. This is somewhere everyone should have on their travel itinerary!

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