April 8, 2006

Turning 27

Wel, as most of you already know, it was my birthday a couple of days ago and what a treat it was to be celebrating it here in Chile, although I have to admit I did feel a little homesick as I usually spend it with Brian (my younger brother). His is the day after mine (pause to perform ritual birthday dance for Brian - Happy Birthday!
It turned into a sort of three day celebration - the gang in the hostel were looking for an excuse to party - an i got some pretty thoughful gifts from some of them. I think Ive said this before, but the smallest things mean so much when you{re backpacking. My favourite present was a pair of jeans which fit like a glove! from my German friend Markus. On the afternoon of the 5th we had a great outdoor lunch and splurged on a decent bottle of Chilean wine. It was great to be just lazing around in the sun contmeplating life as a 27year old!
Latera couple of the hostel staff took me out for a birthday beer.
Matt and Sky didnt get back from Mendoza until the following night so we waited until then to go out dancing. One thing I{m really going to miss about South America is dancing -the people here seem to be born with rhythm and its so infectious! There{s no such thing as sitting on a couch for the night in a club nursing your drink.
Anyway, reluctant as I am to leave the warmth of Santiago, tomorrow I{m off to Puerto Montt to catch the ferry to the tip of South America. I{m hugely looking forward to it, although its getting very cold down there now. I have no idea whether I will be back in Santiago again or not. I might just keep going to Argentina and Brazil from there, but I{m finding it hard to let go of this city.

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